Our MISSION is to provide a caring and attentive online learning environment.

We strive to become the catalyst of change for every student we serve.

 ASL will continue to utilize educationally proven techniques to help our students become the successful leaders of tomorrow.



At ASL, our students are not restricted or limited to classrooms as in the traditional environment. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, you can participate in our classes any time or place. You are free to travel, work, and complete classes at your pace. 

Our teachers, counselors and administrators are here to see that each student achieves their educational goals. By using our powerful learning platform, ASL gives you an individualized learning experience. With the help of "The Learning Path" you have a personal guide to your studies.

American School of Leadership works harder so that you can work smarter!

*To register for a class, please contact ASL administration: Tel: 407-745-1700 ; Fax: 407-540-9586; or admissions@americanhigh.us

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Today is the beginning of a great future!

Never, Ever lose sight of your future plans!

At ASL our goal is to help you succeed





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